Published on 10 August 2021 at 07:42

It was such an interesting week puppies opened eyes and started to recognizing the world 🌏 around them (for now whelping box) but looking at them seeing and especially interesting when something moved was amazing. They also become very active and it was time to give them first meal.🍴 

First meal is usually just to let them play and see if they would show any interest about it. We have to say this puppies did it like pro. All loved the mixture of 🐐 cottage cheese, 🐐 milk, 🥚 and 🍯. So first meal approved ✔️ we are posting 📸 but puppies were so excited that quality is unfortunately not good.

There is another week around, this week was a big step for puppies because the step out of their safe place - whelpingbox. We set them puppy play area where they have are for playing, training peeing and 💩, nursing with Becky and napping. They love it. They also got some extra toys, the saund playing mat won. Now step by step we will add something new. 

This week was very importnat because they got to knew food and wather. It is so funny how they aren't different and how just have wather bowl for bathing and some are drinking like they were born with bowl 😂

But the win win situation this week was getting to smell the raw meat and eating it. Omg you wouldn't believe what kind of voices are they possible of making 😂 resault - - - > puppy overload food coma 🤭

Next the most exciting thing this week is that teeth are out or should say that our breeder screaming era has just began...they love it but we??? 😱 

We are all the time making clicker trainings and they are listening to desensitization saund and calming music while sleeping. Olympic games are their specialty 😂😁

We didnt mention it but puppies are having clipped 💅 few times per week and next week we will introduce them dremel 😊

Next step is going outside. Fallow us and found out how did they do it 😊

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